GoSun Sport

Go solar with our fastest solar oven. Bake, roast or steam a meal for two people in minutes, reaching up to 550°F (290°C). The Sport™ sets the bar for portable solar cooking.

  • Heats to 290 °C
  • 20 Minute Meals
  • Cool to touch
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Dry Weight: 3.18kg

Oven Volume: 1.2L fluid or up to 1.4kg of food

Oven Dimensions: 7.0cm outside diameter, 5.4cm inside diameter , 61cm length

Unit Open Size: 61cm long x 41cm tall x 30cm wide

Unit Closed Size: 61cm long x 20cm tall x 13cm wide

Estimated Power Output: 200 Watts in full sunlight

Maximum Temperature: 288°C

Working Temperature: 93°C – 232°C


What can the GoSun Sport cook?

Bake, roast, steam and fry, the GoSun Sport is a versatile solar oven! For some culinary inspiration check out the GoSun Recipe Blog.

Can the GoSun Sport boil water?

GoSun does not recommend boiling water in the Sport directly against the tube. We are however currently in the final stages of manufacturing the GoSun Brew, our water boiling insert for the GoSun Sport. To be kept in the loop about GoSun, join our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

How much Sun do I need to cook?

You might be surprised how little Sun is needed to finish a meal in a solar powered oven. As a rule of thumb, the stove will cook quickly if you can see a defined shadow from your hand even when overcast, windy and in some cases rainy. If thick clouds are spotty, cooking is still possible, though it will take longer as the stove builds up heat during the sunny periods. We suggest using a weather tracking app like My Radar to help plan and set you up for success!

How do I know when my food is done?

Many foods will finish cooking when the internal temperature of the food hits near 100°C in the GoSun oven. This means that steam is a strong indicator of a dish’s progress. Noticing smell is another easy and surprisingly intuitive way to judging your food’s progress, just make sure not to burn your nose! Give it a couple tries and you’ll be a pro.