Electric Propulsion Outboard Kit

A growing number of boat owners favour electric propulsion to power their recreational boats, yachts, pontoons and cruisers. Electric motors are quiet, clean, reliable and convenient to run. Electric propulsion makes boating experience very fun and pleasant thanks to the ease of use, absence of engine noise, gas fumes and vibrations, and the bilge stays nice and clean with no oil or grease fouling the timber. Batteries offer the option of recharging with renewable energy (solar and wind) making a boat potentially energy independent. With only few moving parts there is little that can wear out or break down, making electric motors a reliable option and virtually maintenance free.


How do I determine the capacity of the battery pack needed?

Battery is the new form of “fuel” for electric propulsion outboards, you never need to go to gasoline station to refuel your outboard anymore. You only need to recharge your batteries at home or docking place.

Once you’ve chosen an electric outboard that properly fits the weight and efficiency of your loaded boat, the next task is to size the battery bank that will store the energy to drive it. The size of the battery bank will depend on the amp draw you plan to regularly place upon it and the range of miles you desire to travel. It is not easy to know the current draw before you try it as each boat is diffrent from others in hull shape, length, load, speed and daily operation hour you want, not like electric cars which is fixed for each car model in factory. Our expandable battery module will make your life much easier to determine how big the battery bank you need to meet your purpose. You can just invest one battery module first to test boat performance with electric propel outboard and find out accurate amp draw for your special boat setup in diffrent speed. After initial boat trial testing, then you can easily figure out how many such battery modules required to get the boat speed and travel duration you want. You can easily parallel connect multiple expandable battery modules to form a larger capacity battery bank. Each battery module is light weight for one person to carry around. You can always buy more standalone modules as you need them. Each module has its own battery management system (BMS) and charger.

We choose the most safe LiFePO4 battery cells for our expanable battery modules, the materials used inside cell will not cause any fire or explosion. The quality of cell is very consistent and can last more than 2000 charging cycles. Its C-rating is 3 times, that means a single 48V50AH module can output 150A continuosly. That’s why you can just buy one or two battery modules to test the outboard motor performance and amp draw.

Why we choose 48V system for outboard motor and battery pack, because it is safe for human and easy to pass local government regulations.

Of course, you can always use other type of batteries you can find locally, as long as its output voltage is 48V, and capacity is enough to drive the electric outboards.